When will I get my order?

Orders are shipped on a first come, first serve basis. You can expect your oder by the date in the order confirmation email, or before. Orders placed before December 18th 2020, will ship in March 2021. Orders placed between December 19th and February 17th 2021, will ship in April 2021. Orders placed after, will ship in May 2021.


What can I expect from the Notion?

  1. Use with Neurosity’s thought powered applications
  2. All the hardware needed to acquire, process, and deliver brain data (EEG) wirelessly
  3. A universal JavaScript API that provides metrics such as calm, focus, kinesis and raw data
  4. Frequent OS releases with fixes and improvements 

Do I need to pay a subscription for data?

No. Never.


How stable is the Notion?

Notion’s Operating System (“OS”) is stable. You can expect to receive OS updates with fixes and improvements. We shipped a developer kit in 2019 to gather feedback quickly and improve the design before launching this version of Notion.

How can I receive data from the device?

We have built a universal JavaScript API that runs in the Web browser and Node. The package is accessible via npm and the device data is transmitted via our secure cloud service. 

Additionally, the raw data can be accessed via LSL and BrainFlow (Lab Streaming Layer) from C, C++, Python, Java, C#, MATLAB and Node. We consider LSL useful for advanced users that can work with raw EEG and Markers. 

What type of metrics will be available for the Notion?

The API provides metrics such as calm, focus, kinesis and raw data. These metrics are only available via the JavaScript API. You can expect to receive new metrics from OS updates as we make progress.

How accurate is the Kinesis API?

The Kinesis API uses a method called Motor Imagery. This method requires training and is able to detect basic motor-based intentions. You’ll have access to train multiple commands but can only use one at a time. These commands can be mapped to different interactions. We've had decent success with interactions such as scroll up/down, changing to next/previous slide, and turning a light on/off. Lag and accuracy are areas we are working to improve.

Can I get a refund?

Yes. Please make sure to review our Refund Policy.

Did we miss anything? Feel free to shoot us an email.